September 13, 2016

YOOX unveils a completely new look and revolutionises shopping experience

September 16th, 2016 marks a groundbreaking milestone in the sixteen-year history of YOOX – the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art. After pioneering fashion ecommerce in early 2000, from mid-September, YOOX unveils a completely new look on website and native APP, with iOS 10 integrated features, to its millions users worldwide.

Reinvented and redesigned to upgrade user-friendliness, the new YOOX offers an enhanced customization developed around user geolocation, previous buying history and real-time browsing behaviour.

Based on purchase and browsing history, the new homepage hosts favourite designers and item categories, while real-time meteorological forecast shapes the offer in selected galleries, created according to local weather.

Streamlined menu navigation and stronger focus on style advice further simplify the shopping experience, facilitating the search.

The compelling, elegant, and colorful graphic makes the journey across YOOX’s immense fashion, design and art offering even more entertaining. New editorial stories and exclusive collaborations in the Style Notes and Special Editions areas will provide customers with wardrobe and style inspiration.

Before the launch of YOOX in 2000, Fashion and the Internet were widely considered as separate worlds. We have succeeded in bringing them together. Our talent has always been that of catalyzing unexpected, unconventional and creative synergies, pioneering capsule collections, entertaining and surprising our customers. Now we live in an increasingly mobile-driven world which we equally strive to revolutionize…it is incredible to think that when Federico Marchetti founded YOOX he was using a land-line!
This is the beginning of an exciting new era, which will witness major evolutions, in terms of innovation, creativity and exclusive partnerships.

Luca Martines, President Off Season