The current Appointment Committee was formed by resolution of the Board of Directors of 20 April 2018. It comprises the following 3 non-executive Directors, two of whom are independent:

Name and surname Role
Alessandro Foti Independent, non-executive director and Chairman
Richard Lepeu Non-Executive Director
Laura Zoni Independent, non-executive Director


Functions attributed to the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee recommends that Directors are appointed following procedures that ensure transparency and a balanced composition of the Board of Directors, ensuring, in particular the presence of a sufficient number of Independent Directors.

The Nomination Committee is assigned the following functions:

  • to provide advice to the Board of Directors regarding its size and composition, recommendations of professionals whose presence on the Board is deemed appropriate, and opinions on issues set out in articles 1.C.3 and 1.C.4 of the Corporate Governance Code;
  • to propose director-candidates to the Board of Directors in the event that a list is to be submitted by the Board of Directors;
  • propose director-candidates to the Board of Directors in the event that an Independent Director needs to be replaced and it is intended to co-opt a new Director onto the Board.

The meetings of the Nomination Committee are duly minuted.

In performing its functions, the Nomination Committee has access to the information and Company departments necessary to fulfil its duties, and may also use external consultants, within the terms established by the Board.