Has an essential role in verifying the efficacy of and compliance with the Model for organization, management and control adopted

Equipped with autonomous powers of initiative and control, the current Supervisory Body – appointed by the Board of Directors meeting on 20 April 2018 – is comprised of three members who shall remain in office until the financial statements as of 31 December 2020 are approved:

Name and surname Role
Rossella Sciolti external member (Chairman)
Isabella Pedroni external member
Matteo James Moroni internal member and Supervisor of the Internal Audit function

Duties of the Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body is asked to:

  • oversee the effectiveness of the Model;
  • conduct a close examination as to the adequacy and efficacy of the Model in preventing, as much as possible, behaviours which do not conform to the corporate directives, culture and rules;
  • conduct an analysis about maintaining within the time limit, requirements of stability and functioning of the Model;
  • see to the necessary dynamic updating of the Model, by making specific suggestions, in the event that the analyses performed render it necessary to make corrections and adjustments;
  • perform the so-called“follow-up,” i.e. check on the implementation and actual functionality of the solutions proposed.