The meeting embodies and expresses the wishes of the body of shareholders

Meeting of Shareholders, 21 April 2017

Date Document File
19 May 2017 Minutes of the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting  Download Pdf
24 Apr 2017 Summary statement of voting on agenda items Download Pdf
10 Apr 2017 Sustainability Report 2016 Download Pdf
31 Mar 2017 Remuneration Report Download Pdf
22 Mar 2017 Candidate director Cedric Bossert Download Pdf
22 Mar 2017 Proxy for designated representative appointed by the Company Download Pdf
22 Mar 2017 Proxy for attendance at Shareholders’ Meeting Download Pdf
22 Mar 2017 Draft financial statements and Consolidated financial statements 2016 Download Pdf
22 Mar 2017 Directors’ explanatory report ordinary part Download Pdf 
22 Mar 2017 Extract of  Notice of Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting Download Pdf
22 Mar 2017 Notice of Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting Download Pdf

Consult the Shareholders’ Meeting archive of YNAP SpA – YOOX SpA.

Calling of the Meeting

The Ordinary Meeting to approve the financial statements must be called within 120 days of the closing of the corporate fiscal year, or within 180 days in the cases provided for by law.

The Extraordinary Meeting is called in all of the cases provided for by law.

Both the ordinary and extraordinary meetings are called within the terms provided for by the current legislation, publishing notice on the Company’s website, as well as according to the other terms and conditions which are irrevocably provided for in the laws and regulations, which indicate the day, time and place of the sole call to meeting, as well as the list of matters to be addressed, notwithstanding performance of any other requirement provided for by the current legislation.

Participation at the Meeting

Each ordinary share affords its bearer one voting right.

Legal standing to participate at the Meeting is stated in a communication to the Company made by the intermediary authorized to maintain the accounts under law, based on evidence from the specific accounting records relating to the term of the accounting date for the seventh open market day preceding the date set for the Meeting in the single call to meeting.


Those to whom a voting right is due may be represented by legal proxy. Electronic notification of the delegation may be made, under the terms and conditions indicated in the notice of meeting, by message sent to the certified e-mail address indicated in said notice, or by using the appropriate section on the Company’s website.

The Company may appoint a party to whom the shareholders can grant a proxy to represent it at the Meeting pursuant to Article 135-11 of Legislative Decree 58/1998, providing notice thereof in the Company’s call to meeting.