8 by YOOX Powered by Saltyco: an exclusive capsule collection with a sustainable spirit

November 30, 2021

The winner of the first Vogue YOOX Challenge edition, Saltyco, and YOOX’s private label, 8 by YOOX, joined forces to create 8 by YOOX Powered by Saltyco, a collection that embodies the perfect fusion of these two worlds. An oversized jacket, quilted trousers, the iconic bucket hat in a brand-new version and other minimally-styled pieces are the cornerstones of this exclusive capsule that combines style and attention to the environment, the contemporary design of 8 by YOOX and Saltyco’s responsible commitment, thanks to the use of their BioPuff® material.

The Saltyco padding for this capsule collection is created with natural plant fibers. BioPuff® is the result of several innovations; grown in wetlands through regenerative agriculture and alternative water sources, avoiding the need for irrigation with fresh water and reducing the consumption of this resource in the textile sector. The natural structure of BioPuff® fibers is designed to trap heat and ensure excellent insulating properties, comparable to those of goose down.

The collection, in addition to BioPuff®, uses Amni Soul Eco® as external material, which thanks to its special composition facilitates, in conditions of anaerobic landfill, the digestion of waste material by bacteria, accelerating the biodegradation process, following the ASTM D5511 method. Amni Soul Eco® can biodegrade in about 5 years, compared to over 50 years for conventional synthetic fibers.

The collection will go live exclusively on YOOX on the 2nd of December.

With 8 by YOOX Powered by Saltyco, YOOX responds to the commitment of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP People Positive as part of its 2030 sustainability strategy, Infinity. Through People Positive, and the Build an Inclusive World commitment, the Group will continue to use its platforms and global influence to voice and support organizations, businesses and individuals who are striving for inclusiveness.

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