PROUD PLEASURE: the YOOX initiative to celebrate pride month in collaboration with MySecretCase

June 6, 2022

A manifesto t-shirt made with the sex toys brand to underline the universal rights of the LGBTQIA+ community

MILAN, ITALY (XX JUNE 2022). To celebrate Pride Month 2022 YOOX wears the rainbow colors and chooses @MySecretCase, the most active community in Italy for sexual freedom and the first Italian online shop dedicated to pleasure, to honor LGBTQIA + pride, through an initiative that highlight the respect in all its forms. A unique and new approach to express and love oneself, without distinction of gender or age identity, putting aside any personal taboo and also describing pleasure as a universal right, an unforgettable experience to be lived every day.

Hence the exclusive collaboration with the sex toys brand whose trump card has always been to deal with sexuality as a cultural factor, through an inclusive language and body positive, the organization of projects, thematic online meetings and constant dialogue with its own community of reference.

The manifesto on which this collaboration is based is written on a white T-shirt: “The world has bigger problems than people LIKING, KISSING, TOUCHING, LOVING, FUCKING, MARRYING people”. Few words of great value, to underline once again the desire to be free to make your own choices.

This project is aimed in particular at Gen Z, who live sexuality without prejudices or inhibitions, but with the consciousness they can experiment and get involved. Two of the protagonists of the campaign are the content creators and communicators Muriel De Gennaro (@murielxo) and Ethan Caspani (@caspisan) who have become points of reference for the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Pride month is a crucial time for us to set a connection with our customers. YOOX supports the LGBTQIA+ community externally and internally, establishing a daily dialogue and making its channels available to be an effective ally”, Manuela Strippoli, YOOX Brand & Communication Director.

MySecretCase has always been a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, since our birth our goal is to give life to a real movement that lasts over time, through a new fluid language, which goes beyond gender and open to diversity, to ensure that inclusion finally becomes normality. We are proud to be able to celebrate inclusivity, even on such an important occasion like Pride 

says Norma Rossetti, CEO of MySecretCase.

Several social and other activities will take shape during Pride Month, with a spontaneous and fun language to communicate values in which YOOX strongly believes as the basis of all fundamental human rights.

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