Enhancing our own business ecosystem is one route to a circular future but it is only effective if it goes hand in hand with a shift in culture. Through our skills in curation, we hope to inspire over five million customers to join us on the Infinity journey. We see an opportunity to encourage more sustainable behaviours and habits through collaboration with our global customer base, our people and our brand partners.

We will do this by increasing the availability of sustainable luxury, particularly fashion born from circular principles; harnessing the power of editorial content to inform and inspire; using our technological and data expertise and customer insights to empower conscious and informed ways of shopping. We want to ensure that circular luxury fashion is an intuitive, effortless and desirable choice for customers.


Take a look through our first wave of commitments, which we’ll be reviewing and adding to as we progress through our 10-year Infinity journey.

Enable better choices

Our heritage in sustainable fashion curation comprises the successful development of two flagship responsible fashion destinations, YOOXYGEN at YOOX and NET SUSTAIN at NET-A-PORTER. This work has inspired a future in which our Group considers the strength of our sustainable offerings intrinsic to our strength as a business.

Building on these endeavours, we will bolster the sustainable attributes of these platforms applying the lens of circularity, increasing the scale of our product assortment on the platforms and beyond, and enabling our customers more opportunity to choose fashion that makes a positive impact. Our ambition is to make the principles that underpin YOOXYGEN and NET SUSTAIN the norm not the exception.

Our Commitment

Increase the proportion of products rated as more sustainable each year, in alignment with our sustainable and circular product and procurement framework.

How we’ll measure it

  • % of products tagged as sustainable according to our sustainable and circular product and procurement framework

Inspire our customers

Investing time in storytelling allows us to connect with, inform and inspire our customers. As a leading authority on style and fashion, we see a powerful opportunity to engage our customers with sustainable and circular luxury fashion through inspiring and informative content.

Sustainability stories have always been an important focus for our editorial, whether raising awareness around the health of our oceans, celebrating the exceptional craftsmanship of sustainable artisans and brands, or exploring how to care for and recycle clothes. We are committed to building on this legacy to engage our customers and kindle further reflection on issues that matter, influencing both mindset and behaviour change.

Our Commitment

Engage our customers by increasing our editorial on sustainable and circular luxury fashion, reaching a minimum of 20% of all content by 2022.

How we’ll measure it

  • % of editorial inclusions on sustainable and circular luxury fashion per online store per year 

Curate a conscious experience

20 years’ experience in innovation has driven our belief that technology can enable so much more than just a route to purchase. By applying our innovation know-how to Infinity, we are prioritising new solutions that will enhance the customer journey on our sites, making transparency and sustainability central to the retail experience.  

As part of this, we will share learnings and insights with our customers to build greater awareness about sustainability and further empower those who want to make conscious choices in line with the values most important to them.

Our Commitment

Enable our customers to make informed and conscious choices throughout their shopping journey, by introducing a range of online solutions by 2022.

How we’ll measure it

  • # of online stores offering solutions and information to empower customers to easily make sustainable choices

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our Circular Culture commitments, we’re directly contributing to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:

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