At YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, we are inspired by the possibilities the future holds and how we can play a role in shaping it. We see a future where the clothes we love last for longer and if they fade, may start a new beginning, forming part of a circular fashion system. A future where customers are empowered to make informed choices, and where luxury and fashion can play a role in restoring our planet. We believe in an inclusive future where our industry is truly diverse, and where the next generation is equipped with the skills to make a difference. Through our technology capabilities and the global influence we’ve grown over the past 20 years, our aim is to collaborate and foster an enabling environment for our people, industry peers, brand partners and customers, who want to see a change and create a sustainable future together.

We call this philosophy Infinity: Lasting Luxury Fashion. Lasting Positive Impact.



Infinity is a ten-year strategy that commits to four focus areas, each one designed to advance our ambition of providing circular luxury fashion to the world, and to connecting people with the joy of luxury and fashion that lasts a lifetime and beyond.  To achieve Infinity, we will stand behind quality craftmanship, designed well, designed to last, designed to be re-loved and re-made. We will unleash the potential of our business ecosystem, the innovation and creativity of our people, our technology and data expertise, and our drive to collaborate to deliver lasting luxury fashion that leaves a lasting positive impact. 

In order to deliver meaningful change, our long-term strategy combines an ambitious vision connected to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with tangible projects that will start to facilitate positive change today. Where we do not yet have all the answers, our commitment is to ask the question, empower our colleagues to seek solutions, work with our industry, peers and partners to learn, collaborate and continually refine and strengthen our approach.

Our 2021 Sustainability Highlights

Our sustainability work is underpinned by our belief in the principles of transparency and accountability. We are committed to comprehensive annual reporting that will help us to track our progress, capture where we are in our journey and refocus our efforts and resources where they are most needed to reach our 2030 targets. 



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Circular Business

Enhance our ecosystem to empower fashion that never ends.

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Circular Culture

Make circular luxury available, desirable and intuitive for all our customers.

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Planet Positive

Operate in line with science to have a lasting positive impact on the planet.

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People Positive

Champion diversity and inclusivity to unlock opportunities for our business, industry, and beyond.

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