The future of sustainable and circular luxury fashion depends on the involvement and adaptation of people: customers, our people, and the industry at large. We believe that a sustainable future will only be possible if progress for both people and planet go hand-in-hand.

We want to play an important part in creating a positive culture for our industry. We will harness opportunities to empower the next generation, breaking down barriers to entry and equipping talent with the right skills for the future, enabling a sustainable pipeline for luxury and technology. We will advocate for inclusion and champion diverse perspectives at every level within our business and through commercial opportunities we will support organisations that are driving social change.


Take a look through our first wave of commitments, which we’ll be reviewing and adding to as we progress through our 10-year Infinity journey.

Nurture young talent

Nurturing emerging talent is crucial to creating a sustainable future for our industry and has always been close to our heart. We will continue to build on the legacy of our initiatives such as The Modern Artisan project with The Prince’s Foundation, digital skills programmes with Imperial College London and Fondazione Golinelli in Italy, NET-A-PORTER’s The Vanguard and Vogue YOOX Challenge.

These programmes have always been based on the sharing of knowledge and passion that exists amongst our people, and now through a Group-wide dedicated volunteering programme we will expand this approach, maximising the know-how of all our employees to offer mentorship and training to the next generation.

Our Commitment

Equip the next generation with entrepreneurial, fashion and digital skills through 15,000 days of team volunteering by 2025, focusing our support on underrepresented groups.

What We’ll Do

  1. Launch a Group-wide Volunteering Policy by the end of 2020 giving two days per year of volunteering to all YOOX NET-A-PORTER part-time and full-time employees, with a focus on providing mentorship and training to future talent and underrepresented groups.
  2. Leveraging the unique capabilities of our teams, ensure every one of our four online stores offer a platform, like NET-A-PORTER’s The Vanguard and YOOX’s Vogue YOOX Challenge, that supports and develops new talent by 2022.
  3. Continue to train people in STEM skills, with a particular focus on women, changing perceptions and encouraging greater consideration for careers in technology, creating a strong and diverse talent pipeline.

How we’ll measure it

  • # volunteering days per year
  • # company-sponsored projects and external participants (including split for underrepresented groups)

Create optimal workplaces

We will continue to develop, invest in and create a diverse and inclusive business, working in deep collaboration with our people to identify and activate positive cultural change. Building on the work we have done on gender diversity, with dedicated initiatives such as our Women in Technology Employee Resource Group and Sponsorship Programme, we will apply the same rigour, stretch and measure to our broader inclusion work. Our approach is one of listening, learning and growing together with our employees, customers and partners, facilitated through transparent and collaborative models including our Diversity and Inclusion Council.

Our Commitment

Foster a working environment that’s diverse and respectful and protects the wellbeing of all our people.

What We’ll Do

  1. Provide our colleagues with an active platform for open dialogue and to drive change through our Diversity and Inclusion Council, and broadened Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) set up to address all aspects of inclusivity.
  2. Strengthen our approach to equal opportunities through the launch of a new Equity and Diversity policy by end of 2020.
  3. Launch mandatory inclusion training modules for all employees across the Group by the end of 2020.

How we’ll measure it

  • # of training hours dedicated to diversity and inclusion
  • Annual disclosure of global employee representation data

Build an inclusive world

Since our very beginning we have established partnerships that contribute to building a more equal world, supporting and raising awareness of causes such as women’s empowerment and men’s mental health. We will continue to use our platforms and global influence to amplify and accelerate campaigns, organisations, businesses and individuals that champion inclusivity and bring the voices of underrepresented groups to the forefront of the fashion industry.


Continuously accelerate progress and raise awareness on equality and inclusion, through commercial opportunities, financial support and our editorial content. 

What We’ll Do

  1. Launch and train all our marketing and communications teams on the new YOOX NET-A-PORTER responsible marketing and editorial framework by the end of 2020, and ensure our content reflects a diverse society.
  2. Enhance our onboarding process by the end of 2021, to encourage our suppliers and brand partners to share data that will allow us to track diversity throughout our supply chain, with the aim to upweight the diversity of our supplier base.
  3. Continue to make financial contributions and nurture partnerships that support organisations working to catalyse progress on inclusion, equality and well-being. Our approach will include launching new frameworks for charitable giving across our four online stores with social impact measurement.

How we’ll measure it

  • % of content that reflects a diverse society
  • # of fundraising initiatives with brands, individuals, and organisations
  • % of suppliers that we’ve tracked for diversity through our onboarding process and diversity metrics

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our People Positive commitments, we’re directly contributing to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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