Enabling the next generation of women leaders in tech

We believe in the power of opportunity and the power of knowledge.

Federico Marchetti, Chairman of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

At YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, we believe that people are the key to unlocking all the possibilities of a circular future. And creating a positive, enabling environment that unleashes creativity, supports our talent and brings varying perspectives to the table, will be the catalyst. A diverse and inclusive workforce is incredibly valuable for our business.

In 2020, we announced our Women in Technology Sponsorship Programme to support the next generation of women leaders. Having well-connected senior leaders that commit to advancing the careers of the talented women they sponsor can open doors and provide unapparelled growth opportunities. It’s more than a mentorship. With sponsorship, there is more on offer than just guidance; there is huge potential in the power of true advocacy from both male and female sponsors. The programme designs new ways of working that can better enable women in our technology business to succeed in an industry where typically they may have been prevented from advancing at the same rate as men.

It was founded as a result of the commitment that Federico Marchetti, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP Chairman and CEO, made as a founding member of Male Champions of Change’s Global Tech Group, which aims to accelerate the advancement of gender equality in the technology industry. Currently, 27% of our tech workforce is comprised of women, ahead of the industry average in tech, but we want to see this number continue to increase. As a Group at the intersection of luxury fashion and innovation, we believe YOOX NET-A-PORTER is well positioned to step up and serve as a true leading employer for women in tech.

Overall, women make up more than half of our leadership team and almost two-thirds of our global workforce. But our ambition doesn’t stop there. For our Group, women in leadership is the norm, but there’s more to do in creating optimal workplaces for everyone. The Sponsorship Programme demonstrates the impact that dedicated inclusivity initiatives can make within a business. This thinking inspires us to continue innovating programmes that foster a truly diverse working environment across the board at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP.


I am looking for that extra push; having the opportunity to work with someone who is sponsoring you and who believes in you is amazing. It is nice to know that someone is holding your hand.

Bhaavna Popli, Senior Delivery Manager, Sponsee

The more that we can have diversity on our teams, the better results we get, the better teams we create. In five years’ time I’d love to not be talking about this. Success at that point is that there doesn’t need to be a programme, it’s just our way of working. I want brilliant women in our engineering roles, our architecture roles and our leadership roles.

Pete Marsden, Chief Technology Officer, Sponsor

Sponsorship can be incredibly powerful. It gives people a voice that they possibly wouldn’t ordinarily have had.

Debbie Pejica, Technology Programme and Governance Director, Sponsor


YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP commits to create optimal workplaces by fostering a working environment that’s diverse, respectful and protects the wellbeing of all our employees. This commitment falls under the People Positive pillar of our Infinity strategy.

People Positive

Champion diversity and inclusivity to unlock opportunities for our business, industry, and beyond.

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