Talent for a sustainable future

Incredible talent lies in each and every one of us. Our dedication to teaching and learning at YOOX NET-A-PORTER is ever-evolving and everlasting. As a world leader in luxury, at the intersection of the spheres of fashion and technology, we know that our industry will be all the better for nurturing diverse and emerging talent to shape a sustainable future.

This spirit of knowledge-sharing is a common thread and historical priority that has run through all our education programmes. Our goal is to open up access, inspire curiosity and offer talented people new routes into our industry.

It forms part of our promise to work towards a sustainable future in fashion – as we know that environmental progress cannot live alone without investment in social progress too. Moreover, we know that giving back to people, and creating positive enabling working environments, will help to unlock new possibilities when it comes to sustainable solutions for our planet. Therefore, we balance our commitments to both people and planet through our talent schemes, which often feature sustainability training as a core element.

Young designers with visionary ideas and new start-ups capable of using technology to create sustainable solutions will revolutionise fashion. They are the protagonists of tomorrow, the ones that will invent a way of working that respects both the world and nature.

Federico Marchetti, Chairman of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP,
on the flagship talent project The Vogue YOOX Challenge

Take a look through our flagship talent projects by visiting the archive below.  

The Talent Archive

The Modern Artisan

In 2019, we announced a one-of-a-kind training programme for a group of students across the UK and Italy. In partnership with The Prince’s Foundation, we’ve led young artisans through the design and manufacturing journey for a luxury collection, keeping sustainability and digital skills at the heart of the process.


Visit The Modern Artisan dedicated section to learn more.

Incredible Girls of the Future

We are always on the lookout for the female entrepreneurs of tomorrow, which is why, in 2019, we launched an initiative to encourage young women to design a fashion app with positive change at the heart of its design. The winner received a special mentorship with YOOX NET-A-PORTER executives.

Meet the winner of our Incredible Girls of the Future competition, Savannah Bradley, and read her interview with PORTER magazine.  

Digital training for the next generation

Boosting digital skills and inspiring young people, particularly girls, to get into coding has long been our passion project. Over a number of years, we’ve been working to teach more than 10,000 young people across the UK and Italy about the convergence of tech and fashion, ensuring they are equipped with digital skills for the future.


Watch some of our key highlights reflecting historical partnerships with Imperial College London and Fondazione Gollinelli in Italy. 

Vogue YOOX Challenge – The Future of Responsible Fashion & The Next Green Talents


Since 2011, YOOX and Vogue Italia have joined forces to promote and support a new generation of emerging talents, including J.W. Anderson, Aquazzura, and Bethany Williams, among many others, as part of The Next Green Talents initiative. In recent years, the initiative has focused upon those designers who place sustainability at the centre of their creative and production process. This partnership has now evolved to focus on young designers with visionary ideas and new start-ups, who are capable of using technology to create sustainable solutions that will revolutionise fashion.


Read our announcement on the Vogue YOOX Challenge.

The Vanguard


NET-A-PORTER’s THE VANGUARD is an ongoing programme that formalises the company’s long-term expertise as an incubator and accelerator of the fashion industry’s brightest new fashion talent. Season on season, NET-A-PORTER’s unparalleled global team of specialists seek promising emerging brands and provide mentorship, practical advice and marketing support to enable them to develop a long-term successful business.


Read about our recent cohorts of this programme.


YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP commits to nurture future talent by equipping the next generation with entrepreneurial, fashion and digital skills through 15,000 days of team volunteering by 2025, focusing our support on underrepresented groups. This commitment falls under the People Positive pillar of our Infinity strategy.

People Positive

Champion diversity and inclusivity to unlock opportunities for our business, industry, and beyond.

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