We’re creating Infinity.

We have the power to shape a more responsible future for luxury and fashion. But we must act together, radically rethinking what’s desirable and reinventing how fashion is used and reused over time.

Together, we can design an
infinite future for fashion.

At YOOX NET-A-PORTER, we’re inspired by a culture of collaborative creativity. Our 10-year Infinity strategy exists to responsibly redefine what’s possible for our impact on the luxury fashion industry.

Infinity sets out four strategic focus areas where we’re pursuing progress to 2030, each backed by three clear commitments:

Circular Business

Connecting our customers with innovations, services, and products that contribute to a more circular fashion ecosystem.

Our commitments:

  • Design for circular
  • Unlock re-commerce
  • Make loved clothes last

Circular Culture

Reshaping the relationship our customers have with fashion, to make circular luxury a must-have.

Our commitments:

  • Enable better choices
  • Inspire our customers
  • Curate a conscious experience

Planet Positive

Reducing the environmental footprint of our business and value chain by working with partners, specialists, and the wider industry.

Our commitments:

  • Become climate positive
  • Source and buy responsibly
  • Protect natural ecosystems

People Positive

Championing diversity and inclusivity to break down barriers and create new opportunities within our fashion community.

Our commitments:

  • Nurture emerging talent
  • Create optimal workplaces
  • Build an inclusive world

Our progress

We take pride in our work to shape a more sustainable, circular, and inclusive future for our business and industry. We celebrate achievements while also holding ourselves accountable to drive progress against each Infinity commitment, taking an honest look at what we are doing well and where we need to concentrate efforts further.

Infinity in action

When we combine our creativity, it becomes an infinitely renewable resource. Our collaborations and projects aim to bring people together and imagine new ways to reshape luxury fashion.

Our responsible collections

Each of our online stores has a platform to curate and showcase products from our luxury and fashion brand partners that meet principles considerate of our planet and people.


Craftsmanship Code

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Our re-commerce services

Our online stores are working to give new life to pre-loved designer pieces and keep them in circulation for longer. Customers are given the opportunity to refresh their wardrobes by reselling their womenswear and menswear through our services.

Governance & Materiality

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