Circular Business

Connecting our customers with innovations, services, and products that contribute to a more circular fashion ecosystem.

Our four online stores are collectively harnessing their shared imagination, capabilities, and resources to keep luxury fashion in circulation for longer.

This ambition drives our focus on advancing products built with circularity in mind and creating opportunities that extend their life.

By working to close loops within our own infrastructure of in-season, past-season, and pre-loved luxury, we aspire to become a circular business.

Our commitments

Our commitments are designed to focus our
sustainability efforts on specific themes that will drive
our 10-year Infinity journey:

Commitment one

Design For Circular

Accelerate product circularity through brand partner collaborations and ensuring every one of our private label products is designed for sustainability and circularity by 2025.

  • To enhance our responsible product offering, our Infinity Product Guide (IPG), a set of key sustainability and circularity principles, supports our design and buying teams in their decision making. Read YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s Infinity Product Guide.
  • We’re aligning our IPG’s sustainable and circular design principles to our YOOX NET-A-PORTER private labels to maximise their products’ longevity and reduce their environmental impact. Our private labels have set their roadmaps and are already making strong strides towards their 2025 goal.
  • Our online stores also champion dedicated brand partner collaborations to develop exclusive capsules and pieces designed with sustainability and circularity in mind.

How we measure it

  • % of in-house private label products adhering to YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s sustainable and circular product and procurement framework.
  • # of collaborations with our brand partners focusing on circularity.

Commitment Two

Unlock Re-commerce

Give luxury products multiple lives by bringing innovative and exceptional re-commerce experiences to customers across our four online stores by 2025.

  • Our resale services are designed to unlock the vast potential of pre-loved luxury within our customers’ wardrobes. We aim to maximise the value and longevity of pre-existing designer products, reducing their environmental footprint and keeping our industry’s high-quality fashion in circulation for longer.
  • We began our resale pilots in 2021, in partnership with leading resale technology provider Reflaunt, bringing our customers a service offering that would allow them to resell their pre-loved ready to wear, jewellery, shoes, and accessories with ease.
  • Now, we continue to expand in more markets with enhanced features for greater customer incentive and flexibility, across NET-A-PORTER, MR PORTER and THE OUTNET.

How we measure it

  • # of re-commerce initiatives and models launched and operational across YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s four online stores 

Commitment three

Make Loved Clothes Last

Support our customers to make their loved clothes last by offering care & repair solutions across our four online stores by 2023.

  • We want to foster a culture of care and preservation around the beautiful products we retail, to ensure that they can be cherished throughout their life. Our goal is to facilitate a shift in customer culture, habits and mindsets, making care & repair an integral part of the luxury fashion experience, through our services and our online stores’ editorial channels.
  • To make this as easy as possible for our customers, we have endorsed seven recommended providers in international regions.
  • We are scaling Digital IDs as a key tool to make care & repair recommendations easy to access simply by scanning the QR code on a product’s care label. Our exploration began in 2021 during which we embedded Digital IDs in over 1300 designs across our private labels.

How we measure it

  • # of YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s online stores making care & repair solutions available to their customers.

Infinity Stories: Circular Business

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