Circular Culture

Reshaping the relationship our customers have with fashion,
to make circular luxury a must-have.

Creating opportunities to promote circularity within our business ecosystem can only be effective if it goes hand in hand with a shift in culture.

We want to redefine the relationship our customers have with fashion, so that conscious shopping behaviour is encouraged and intuitive.

By inspiring and informing our customers through our content and customer journey, and by collaborating with partners to create greater options to shop luxury and fashion with sustainability credentials at the heart, we are shaping an offering that makes more sustainable and circular luxury the most desirable, effortless and accessible choice.

Our commitments

Our commitments are designed to focus our
sustainability efforts on specific themes that will drive
our 10-year Infinity journey:

Commitment one

Enable Better Choices

Increase the proportion of products rated as more sustainable each year, in alignment with our sustainability guidelines.

  • Across our four online stores, we have built product offerings that make it easier for our customers to shop for pieces that prioritise sustainability criteria.
    • NET SUSTAIN, NET-A-PORTER’s curated platform for more sustainable luxury products that meet one of its nine sustainability criteria.
    • MR PORTER’s Craftsmanship Code curates products from brands that make a positive contribution to their communities, while prioritising environmental and social considerations across six guiding principles.
    • THE OUTNET’s Considered Edit allows customers to refine their search for more responsible items through six ‘Considered’ values.
    • YOOXYGEN, YOOX’s dedicated platform originally established in 2009, prioritises global brands and products which are more socially and environmentally responsible through four leading attributes.
  • On average 5% of products were tagged as more responsible options across the entire assortment of our four online stores in our first year of Infinity, a starting point from which we will measure future progress. Our long-term ambition is to make the principles that underpin our four responsible product edits the norm, not the exception.

How we measure it

  • % of products tagged as sustainable according to our sustainable and circular product and procurement framework

Commitment Two

Inspire Our Customers

Engage our customers by increasing our editorial on sustainable and circular luxury fashion, maintaining at least 20% of all content from 2022.

  • As a leading authority for luxury, fashion and style, we see a powerful opportunity to promote sustainable mindsets through our editorial, campaigns, and content. We aim to inform and inspire our customers through engaging stories of exceptional craftsmanship, innovation and changemakers, and by highlighting products with sustainable credentials.
  • We exceeded our goal for inspiring sustainability content within the first year of our Infinity commitment (21%) and are committed to maintaining our prioritisation of sustainability topics across our channels.

How we measure it

  • % of editorial inclusions on sustainable and circular luxury fashion per online store per year 

Commitment three

Curate A Conscious Experience

Enable our customers to make informed and conscious choices throughout their shopping experience, by introducing a range of online solutions.

  • When shopping with us, we want our customers to be empowered to easily make conscious choices. By providing greater information and understanding through solutions such as sizing tools and exploration of 3D product, we want to reduce the impact of our customer orders throughout the online journey.
  • Post-purchase, our online stores also help customers to easily track and change delivery timings, with options to choose delivery or pick-up options with the lowest carbon footprint. We also share information on how customer delivery emissions are offset, at no extra cost, and offer lower impact packaging recommendations.

How we measure it

  • # of online stores offering solutions and information to empower customers to easily make sustainable choices

Infinity Stories: Circular Culture

Read our stories to find out the work we’re doing to achieve our Infinity Circular Culture commitments.

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