People Positive

Championing diversity and inclusivity to break down barriers and create new opportunities within our fashion community.

We believe the path to a sustainable future is only possible if progress for both people and planet
go hand in hand.

This means creating an industry where our customers, people and partners feel welcomed, included and supported.

We are invested in empowering and upskilling the next generation and championing unique voices: this means sponsoring emerging talent, ensuring our workplaces are optimised for everyone, using our platform to champion diversity and inclusivity, and supporting organisations that are driving social change.

Our commitments

Our commitments are designed to focus our
sustainability efforts on specific themes that will drive
our 10-year Infinity journey:

Commitment one

Nurture Emerging Talent

Equip emerging talent with entrepreneurial, fashion and digital skills through 15,000 days of team volunteering by 2025 and our talent programmes.

  • Our evergreen training and mentorship programmes such as YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s The Modern Artisan project in partnership with The Prince’s Foundation, The Vanguard (NET-A-PORTER), FUTURES (MR PORTER) and VOGUE YOOX Challenge (YOOX), are designed to break down barriers for entry into the fashion industry, giving learning opportunities and the benefit of our global platforms to artisans, designers, students, start-ups and entrepreneurs as they embark on their careers.
  • Internally, our employee volunteering programme enables every one of our colleagues to contribute two paid volunteering days per year to social and environmental causes that will benefit future generations.

How we measure it

  • # volunteering days per year.
  • # company-sponsored projects and external participants (including split for underrepresented groups).

Commitment Two

Create Optimal Workplaces

Foster a working environment that’s diverse and respectful and protects the wellbeing of all our people.

  • We continue our work to foster a diverse and inclusive business environment, partnering closely with our people to identify and initiate opportunities for positive cultural change.
  • Our approach is one of listening, learning and growing together with our employees, customers and partners, facilitated through collaborative models including our Diversity & Inclusion Council, which is endorsed by and includes members of our Executive Committee. In addition, our Employee Resource Groups (Pride Network, Ethnic Equality Network and Women in Tech Network) spearhead internal initiatives around cultural moments such as Pride Month, Black History Month and Juneteenth.
  • To date, we have delivered upwards of 4000 hours of Diversity & Inclusion training across our organisation and rolled out extensive Inclusive Leadership, Anti-harassment and discrimination training.
  • We have begun an annual internal Diversity Census to deepen our understanding of our company demographics to shape future programming.

How we measure it

  • # training hours dedicated to diversity and inclusion.
  • Annual disclosure of global employee representation data.

Commitment three

Build an Inclusive World

Continuously accelerate progress and raise awareness on equality and inclusion, through commercial opportunities, financial support and our editorial content.

  • We use our platforms and global influence to amplify and accelerate campaigns, organisations, businesses and individuals that champion inclusivity and bring the voices of underrepresented groups to the forefront of the fashion industry.
  • In Infinity’s first year, 21% of our content reflected a diverse society by highlighting a range of topics and diversity dimensions through editorial or image. We will use this figure as a benchmark to continue measuring our progress each year.
  • Our online stores also support organisations and charitable initiatives working to make social impact including MR PORTER’s Health in Mind Fund in partnership with the Movember Foundation, and YOOX’s Digitali e Uguali initiative, which raised over €500,000 to support students in Italy without access to technology for home schooling in 2021.

How we measure it

  • % of content that reflects a diverse society.
  • # of fundraising initiatives with brands, individuals, and organisations.
  • % of suppliers we’ve tracked for diversity through our onboarding process and diversity metrics.

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