10 Minutes with The Vanguard: S.Joon

May 27, 2020

As part of our ongoing series to discover more about the latest brands to join NET-A-PORTER’s The Vanguard program, we caught up with Sahar Asvandi, founder of S.Joon.

S.Joon’s name is a portmanteau of founder Sahar Asvandi’s first initial and a Persian term of endearment. Designed in sculptural silhouettes, the Italian-made pieces are inspired by her love of vintage handbags, blending elegant textures with elevated lines to create a timeless aesthetic. Founded in 2017, Sahar created a collection of beautiful statement-making handbags, defined by its distinctive shapes and sophisticated aesthetic, underpinned by her philosophy of buy well and buy less.

Having recently relocated from Hong Kong, we discuss Sahar’s focus on timeless pieces and visual approach to design and development. Her signature styles, including the bucket-shaped ‘tulip’, are becoming firm favourites of influencers and editors this FW20 Fashion Week.

What motivated you to launch S.Joon?

The brand began as a side project to my work in dance. As the brand started to grow so did my joy for it, and we’ve evolved together. I feel like dance and design have many connections, so I still get to nurture those passions, which is wonderful.

All your handbags have unique names – can you tell us the inspiration behind these?

I’m quite a visually led person so naming the handbags after things they reminded me of seemed to make more sense than giving them traditional names!

You recently returned from Hong Kong – did living there inspire your designs?

Hong Kong has been a fantastic experience – it’s such a vibrant place. It has definitely provided ample inspiration, and I can’t wait to bring this into my new collections.

Can you tell us about your experience on The Vanguard program?

So far, The Vanguard has been such an exciting journey! The opportunities to meet members of the NET-A-PORTER team and participate in the mentorship has been invaluable and then working with the team on the video and imagery was so much fun. It’s also been lovely to connect with the other designers on the program.

What has been the highlight so far?

I have really enjoyed the mentorship aspect. It’s great to know that there is that support there and in such a friendly, encouraging way.

What can we expect to see from S.Joon in the future?

I have a few plans, but I’d love to do a collaboration with another brand or involve my arts background in a project.