Arthur Arbesser x YOOX

June 26, 2017

YOOX teams with up-and-coming wunderkind, Arthur Arbesser, to create a visually bold collection of modular pieces for men and for women, labeled ARTHUR ARBESSER X YOOX.

The ARTHUR ARBESSER X YOOX collection represents also the designer’s long-awaited debut in menswear. The proposal is pragmatic: it encompasses slightly militaristic outerwear, unfussy shirts, simple t-shirts and sweatshirts, trousers and accessories. The useful precision of the lines is the basis to deliver a bold visual punch. Either solid in hue or swarming in geometries, the aesthetics is quintessentially Arbesser. Both strict and joyous, patterns are a merge of references that takes off from Vienna’s own Carl Otto Czeschka, whose Art Nouveau work oozes Wiener Werkstätte rhythm, to land in the expanded graphics of Neapolitan artist Lucio Del Pezzo, whose surreal sense of composition recalls masters such as Carlo Carrà and Giorgio De Chirico, and whose interest in the world of games triggers one of Arbesser’s main interests. The result is a lineup of pieces that invite the wearer to mix, match and play in personal ways. The modularity of the patterns is amplified by the modularity of the wardrobe, and vice versa, and is perfectly synchronic with the YOOX ethos.

ARTHUR ARBESSER X YOOX includes neoprene, gabardine and frotté items, and then different accessories. As a mix of bold and practical, it is truly contemporary.

A true multicultural talent, Vienna-born, London-schooled Arbesser launched his eponymous womenswear line in Milan in 2013, after a stint in the design studio one of Italy’s pre-eminent brands. Fiercely and stubbornly independent, equipped with an unremittingly personal point-of-view on fashion-making, Arbesser quickly gained a respected spot among the new Milanese vanguard. His style mixes playfulness with strictness, and is instantly recognizable for a graphic edge that is drenched with a dry Viennese knack for the decorative mixed with London’s sense of urban cool and Milan’s straightforwardness.

The collection ARTHUR ARBESSER X YOOX will be available at YOOX starting from June 19th, at the same time of Milan Menswear Fashion Week.