Be your own avatar – YOOXMIRROR reloaded

November 5, 2019

One year ago, before anybody else, YOOX launched YOOXMIRROR, the first AI-powered virtual styling suite, designed to entertain customers while expressing their personality. YOOXMIRROR debuted with chic and fashion-conscious avatar Daisy, who, in a fashion first, also took over YOOX’s Instagram account. With YOOXMIRROR reloaded, users will be digitally modelling, alongside Daisy in their own app.

Today, the leading online lifestyle store announces the launch of a new feature within YOOXMIRROR.

From November 4th, users accessing YOOXMIRROR on the YOOX app will be able to develop their own customisable digital avatar, by taking a selfie or uploading a photograph.  Once the avatar is created, users can mix-and-match outfits to see how clothes and accessories suit them and share their favourite looks with friends on social media.

Developed in response to increasing in-app interactions and powered by an innovative combination of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technology, through which the selected portrait is digitalised to generate a personalised 3-D avatar, the new YOOXMIRROR feature further allows users to express their style, exploring the very best of the YOOX fashion offering in a personalized, interactive and engaging way.

YOOXMIRROR is conceived and designed by the YOOX Research & Development team and displays more than 250 products per week across 9 unique fashion themes presented in a “stories” format.

The technology powering YOOXMIRROR is yet another example of the perfect balance between Man and Machine. Building upon the work of the YOOX merchandising team, YOOX’s catalogue is then analysed by sophisticated algorithms that detect visual elements (colour, pattern, and shape) within a product image, while Deep Learning networks extract product attributes to select alternative items, which work best with each other.

Before YOOX, in 1999 you could only try on items in the changing room of a boutique, then with YOOX, your home became the new changing room. And now, with YOOXMIRROR, you can try on the clothes virtually. I’m proud of the pioneering innovations our talented R&D team continues to make to give our customers a truly memorable and interactive experience.

Federico Marchetti, Chairman and CEO of YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group.

The new feature of YOOXMIRROR will debut on YOOX’ iOS app from November 4th.

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