Francesca Tranquilli among the Inspiring Fifty in Italy

December 3, 2018

Francesca Tranquilli, President of the Online Flagship Stores YNAP division, has been named as one of the Inspiring Fifty in Italy.

Inspiring Fifty is non-profit that aims to increase diversity in tech and through this yearly list recognises incredible women excelling in this field. It creates visibility for trailblazers, innovators and top managers who play a major role in challenging industry norms around Tech leadership as female role models.

Other winners include Marilù Capparelli, Director of Legal Affairs at Google Europe, Margherita della Valle, CFO at Vodafone Group, and Francesca Patellani, COO at Accenture.

At YNAP we are also committed to inspiring more young girls and women to pursue careers in technology and we proactively attract the next generation of digital artisans through our digital education programmes in partnership with Imperial Codelab and Fondazione Golinelli Summer Coding Camp and our Women in Tech community.

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