YOOX kicks off their 20th anniversary celebrations with #SHARETHELOVE – a pioneering AI-powered experience

June 22, 2020

With community at its heart and innovation at its core, today YOOX unveils a unique new customer initiative dedicated to human interaction. Harnessing the infinite potential technology has to form connections, SHARE THE LOVE uses AI – a technology YOOX has been pioneering since the launch of its AI-powered line 8 by YOOX, and virtual styling suite YOOXMIRROR, 2 years ago – to bring customers together across the world and create a sense of belonging; igniting new conversations and potential friendships during these unprecedented times. Running for 10 days, it will embrace YOOX’s 20th anniversary on June 20, 2020, marking the exact day two decades ago when a Versus Versace dress was first purchased.

Elevated by the use of these AI algorithms, the YOOX “Love Machine” will identify and unite customers through their shopping preferences, dream-boxes and shared style affinities. Once identified, they will be matched with 10 others, receiving their social media handles and inviting them to connect with YOOX’s digitally-minded fashion community.

#SHARETHELOVE also features a social media campaign, based upon the use of a custom AI IG filter. The concept behind the challenge is “if you share the love, the love comes back” and for each person who uses the filter and hashtag, sending a message of love, YOOX donates €1 to World Vision, an international children’s charity that works tirelessly to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children. At a time when IRL human connectivity has been disrupted, this campaign serves as a celebration of true community spirit.

“To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re doing what we do best: combining man and machine in a playful campaign that involves all of our beloved customers,” says YOOX’s president, Paolo Mascio. “We’ve always tried to look at things from our customers’ viewpoint, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the special bond we’ve established. SHARE THE LOVE celebrates the YOOX community and fosters a sense of belonging amongst our customers, with AI coming to our help by offering an engaging and fun experience to them – as technological, playful and pop as we’ve been and will be for the next 20 years at least!”

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