8 BY COCO CAPITÁN presents CAPITANA The first collection from the Spanish artist: unisex total looks and a home-dedicated collection

February 1, 2023

MILAN, ITALY (FEBRUARY 1st  2023) A man is never lost at sea.

By the power of nature and the sea comes 8 by Coco Capitán, the exclusive capsule collection created for YOOX by the Spanish artist. A complete line, named CAPITANA, that proposes unisex looks with a transversal approach that breaks down all barriers and focuses on sustainability. Expression of freedom and uniqueness, in this collection the basic pieces of the wardrobe are reinterpreted in a contemporary way, designed for globe trotters in search of inspiration and stimuli. Sweatshirts, vests and t-shirts, but also pajama-style suits and accessories, together with home design objects: Coco Capitán leaves her iconic mark on each piece designed. The classic messages in the bottle are transformed into its characteristic handmade phrases, created exclusively for this collection, and embroidered onto each item of the capsule: Lost Loser, Gei, Live Like You Are Gonna Die Cause You Gonna, among others.

“I decided to launch my first CAPITANA collection in collaboration with 8 by YOOX because I share with the brand the same values in terms of attention to the environment. YOOX has been able to develop and bring to life my idea to recycle waste materials and fabrics, using techniques and suppliers that share our same ideals, knowing their partners and knowing exactly how they operate. YOOX was completely in line with my goals”

Coco Capitán.

Attention to detail and materials with sustainability at the heart – with more than 80% of the collection made using deadstock materials, or organic cotton- this collaboration is an ode to living everyday life with flair and creativity. It channels a spirit that allows us to fly with fantasy to extraordinary places and worlds, where we can embrace who they want to be. 

To celebrate the capsule collection, Coco Capitán has been creative director, producer and photographer of the launch campaign of the collection. The photos and the video are both made in analog respecting the editorial aesthetic of Coco. The concept reflects the identity of the CAPITANA collection: the sea, the blue, a sailboat, recreating familiar environments typical of her artistic imagination, using her sister Candela Capitán, as one of the protagonists of the campaign.

8 by Coco Capitán will be available exclusively on YOOX from February 2023.

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