January 12, 2023

An exclusive collection created with the Hong Kong artist to reinterpret upcycled 8 by YOOX pieces

MILAN, ITALY (JANUARY 12th 2023) On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, YOOX and its private label, 8 by YOOX, present 8 by Merry Lamb Lamb, a special collection focused on upcycling.
When the New Year approaches, the remnants of the past must be swept away, says a Chinese proverb which has inspired 8 by Merry Lamb Lamb before a collection it represents a spirit of good intentions, including saying goodbye to what is no longer needed and making room for what awaits us.
A special collection created from upcycled 8 by YOOX pieces, reinterpreted to tell a cute but punk story, between innocence and rebellion.
The DIY approach plays a key role in this capsule, highlighted by vintage aesthetics and patchwork, ribbons, graphic prints and funny patterns, elements that create a collection formed by colorful t-shirts, denim jeans, vibrant crop jackets and a creative hat.
The undisputed protagonist is the «Holy Bunny», symbol of this Lunar New Year: a bunny that can be tender, innocent, cute but at the same time punk, with an aesthetic that winks at the new generations and their gender neutral and inclusive essence.

…everybody needs somebunny, sometimes!

Mending For Good is the project that has allowed to rework 8 by YOOX pieces according to the guidelines of Merry Lamb Lamb and her creative concept. Mending For Good goal’s is to celebrate textile craftsmanship and tells stories of reuse of materials, blending aesthetics and ethics, collaborating with a network of expert artisans and selected social cooperatives, creating a new narrative based on creativity and dexterity.

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