Sustainability pioneers: Behind the scenes of AMENDMENT x YOOX with Marissa Petteruti

May 27, 2019

Young, smart, determined and conscious: meet Marissa Petteruti, designer of the new AMENDMENT x YOOX capsule collection, which recently went live on YOOXYGEN, YOOX’s socially and environmentally responsible destination.

Marissa Petteruti, Parsons BFA Fashion design graduate and winner of the 2018 YOOXYGEN Award, spent the last 6 months at the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP offices in Milan and New York City, where she got the chance to work hand in hand with many teams across the business, from PR, to Special Projects to Own-Label, culminating in a capsule collection that adheres to the ethos of sustainability.

We sat down with Marissa to hear all about the inspiration behind AMENDMENT x YOOX and her experience at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP.

Tell us more about Amendment X YOOX and how do you feel about seeing your creations made available globally through YOOXYGEN?
AMENDMENT X YOOX is an evolution of my graduate thesis collection from 2018. This sustainable capsule includes 11 of the original 22 pieces, which I felt represented the essence of my ideas and inspiration. The name AMENDMENT can be defined as minor changes to a preexisting norm – the norm in this case being ordinary clothes. It is amazing to see my creations available globally, especially because I had only dreamed of this moment last year, so it is surreal to experience it actually happening!

What is the inspiration behind your exclusive capsule collection?
The inspiration behind my capsule collection came from ordinary clothes – the jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers universally worn every day. When I started to look at what type of fashion mattered to me – I realized that it was these ubiquitous garments which interested me the most. Additionally, I saw them as garments which everyone, no matter of gender, race, age, or location could relate to. Ordinary clothes have the ability to unite individuals in solidarity – something we need now more than ever.

What makes AMENDMENT X YOOX sustainable and how are your views on sustainable fashion translated into practice while developing your collection?
There are several elements which make AMENDMENT X YOOX sustainable – the primary two being 1) the use of organic and sustainable materials and 2) the design of transformable garments. The pieces are made from 100% organic cotton, and the denim uses laser technology to limit the use of water and washing methods. The transformable garments include jeans, which transform into a jacket and a crewneck, which transforms into sweatpants – through the use of zippered seams. The transformability of these garments promotes a 2-in-1 approach for a smaller wardrobe.

How would you describe your experience at YOOX NET-A-PORTER offices?
My experience at the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP offices in Milan was really refreshing. I loved getting the opportunity to work with different teams, from Special Projects to Own-Label, which all taught me something for my professional journey, as well as experience a different fashion capital, and all the clothing, food, and cultural experiences that make it unique.

We’ve recently announced the winner of the YOOXYGEN Award. Any advice that you would like to share with her to get the best out of the internship experience?
I think the best advice I have is just to stay true to your ideas and collection, and take advantage of working with experienced professionals in such an exciting environment, not to mention living in a new city and experiencing a different culture!