Infinity Governance, Materiality & Reporting


Effective governance is fundamental to achieving our sustainability targets.

To advance positive change via our Infinity commitments, we seek continuous collaboration, transparency and independent advice, consulting a range of stakeholders and advisors with diverse perspectives and expertise, from our Executive Committee to our customers.

  • YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s Executive Committee supports delivery of Infinity through senior sponsorship and review of quarterly updates, as does the Sustainability Committee of our parent group, Richemont.
  • Our Sustainability team works with stakeholders across our entire business to direct, deliver, and monitor the implementation and progression of the Infinity strategy
  • Our dedicated Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Diversity & Inclusion Council deepen internal visibility on the sustainability and inclusion issues most relevant for employees throughout our business.
  • Through regular insight panels, our customers feedback on our activity and provide insights on how they prioritise sustainability, to ensure our work continues to resonate with them.
  • Collaboration with external partners and our brand partners enables us to generate ideas that push our sustainability agenda further and share best practice.


We built our Infinity strategy around the social and environmental issues that we at YOOX NET-A-PORTER are best placed to positively impact by 2030 – within our operations and throughout our value chain.

Over the years, we have been assessing which issues matter the most to our customers, brand partners and people. Our most recent materiality assessment in 2019 helped us identify changes in sentiment and expectations that our community was expecting to see, which helped inform our Infinity strategy.

Through this extensive engagement initiative, we identified 19 key topics that form the basis of Infinity, including sustainable packaging, carbon emissions and energy use, responsible sourcing and buying, and diversity and inclusion as leading topics from the assessment. We continue to facilitate customer panels for feedback on their biggest sustainability concerns, amidst global changing circumstances.

Together, the four areas of Infinity – Circular Business, Circular Culture, Planet Positive and People Positive – make up our holistic approach to sustainability and 10-year commitments.

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