FIND YOUR TREE LOVE: YOOX celebrates 21 years thinking about the Planet

June 21, 2021

YOOX turns 21 and wants to celebrate with a mission dedicated to the nature and the Planet.

Find Your Tree Love is the initiative conceived in collaboration with Treedom, the first web platform that allows you to plant remotely a tree and follow its history online. YOOX, with the help of Treedom, has already planted 500 trees in Cameroon which could double up thanks to YOOX users.

From 14 to 20 June it will be possible to join the mission by visiting the page dedicated to the initiative on Here each user will have to choose their Tree Love, or the type of tree they would like to plant between cocoa, avocado and coffee, and take part in an Instagram challenge. Participating will be simple: each user will have to wear their best look and take a picture of themselves with their favorite tree, tag @yoox and use the hashtag #yooxtreelove. The more shares there will be, the more trees will be planted and the closer we will be to the final goal: reaching 500 shares to plant 500 new trees to add to the 500 already planted by YOOX.

Along with the mission with Treedom, there is another prize for the participants: those who vote for their Tree Love will be able to take part in a draw of 50 vouchers ranging from € 100 to € 1000 for shopping on YOOX.

Find Your Tree Love responds to YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s commitment to “Climate Positive” as part of its 2030 sustainability strategy, Infinity. Through Climate Positive, the Group will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by making private labels and operations more sustainable by 2030.

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