December 10, 2018

A unique styling suite to deliver innovative shopping experience to customers worldwide

Today, leading online lifestyle store YOOX has announced the launch of YOOXMIRROR – a new AI-powered virtual styling suite designed to entertain customers while they express their personality, exploring the very best of the YOOX fashion offering in a new, interactive and engaging way.

Conceived and designed by the YOOX Research & Development team, the immersive styling suite displays more than 250 products per week across 9 unique fashion themes, which are presented in a “stories” format.

Customers will be able to express their style, instantly seeing how the outfits suit them, sharing their looks with friends and gaining immediate feedback before purchase or saving their favourite items directly into their DreamBox (the Wishlist feature on YOOX). 

To welcome and guide users around the YOOXMIRROR interface, YOOX has developed a chic and fashion-conscious avatar called Daisy, who will not only model the outfits and guide customers around the suite but also, in a fashion first, take over YOOX’s Instagram account.

Behind what might look like a playful APP feature lies a complex technology: building upon the work of the YOOX merchandising team, sophisticated algorithms detect visual elements (colour, pattern, and shape) within a product image, while Deep Learning networks extract product attributes to select alternative items, which work best with each other.

Virtual Reality technology will fit the selected items on a 3-D model, bringing them to life against evocative immersive backdrops.

Combining AI with the unrivalled knowledge and expertise of the YOOX merchandising team, YOOXMIRROR represents the next stage in YOOX’s exploration of Man & Machine synergies.

“The introduction of YOOXMIRROR represents an important move for us, offering our customers something personalized and memorable which is also a brand-new way to explore the very best of YOOX. We are so excited by the potential of this initiative that we will not limit our avatar Daisy to the styling suite – taking over our IG she is going to become the personification of YOOX, allowing us an even more direct contact with our followers and customers.” – Paolo Mascio, President of YOOX

YOOXMIRROR will debut on YOOX’ iOS APP from December 10th.

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