Yukata by Fausto Puglisi x YOOX

July 4, 2017

Yukata by Fausto Puglisi x YOOX

An exclusive edition of the summer kimono interpreted by Fausto Puglisi

YOOX entered the Japanese market in 2004, and started discovering the country’s rich and fascinating culture and habits ever since. This year, YOOX celebrates the Land of the Rising Sun’s most historic traditions, by presenting Yukata by Fausto Puglisi x YOOX, an exclusive hand-made edition of the cotton Kimono, interpreted by Italian designer, Fausto Puglisi. The collection, celebrating the traditional Japanese festival dedicated to fireworks, also known as Hanabi, debuted worldwide on YOOX on June 30.

Originally, the Yukata was worn at home as sleepwear after a bath and made of a softer fabric. Nowadays, it is considered the most iconic summer clothing in Japanese culture and is worn particularly during Hanabi festival. The process of making a Yukata involves a traditional technique where panels are hand-cut from a single roll of cotton cloth, almost parallel to, or perpendicular to, the sides of the cloth.

With the exquisitely playful twist that has characterized many of its collaborations in the years, YOOX has turned to Fausto Puglisi’s dazzling creativity, inviting him to revisit his signature prints for an exclusive edition going live at the end of June. The designer’s choice has fallen upon the sun and the palm tree, which have been reproduced in two exquisite colors: the sun in an irreverent yet poetic candy-pink and the palm tree, paired with the sun, in delicate ivory tones.

Throughout his career, Fausto Puglisi has often drawn inspiration from the Land of the Rising Sun, reinterpreting its cultural elements in his collections: “I have always been obsessed by kimonos and the Japanese culture. When YOOX asked me to develop a special project on the Yukata, the traditional summer kimono, I accepted without any hesitation. The perfect geometric shapes of the Yukata and its stunning adaptability to the female body makes it an impressive canvas to project the decorative world of Fausto Puglisi.”

To celebrate this unique collaboration, YOOX hosted an invitation-only summer party at Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Japan, on July 20th. Prestigious attendance of Italian designer Fausto Puglisi, alongside models and influencers – wearing the exclusive yukatas – press and customers joined the event.

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