20 years of YOOX NET-A-PORTER, as told by our people

July 17, 2020

To celebrate 20 years of YOOX NET-A-PORTER, we’re sharing our history, as told by the people who have made it. Read on to discover some of our people’s favourite memories from over the years.

I will always remember one of our first posters that said “Fashion without victims”.

I believe this claim represented what our customers could have expected from us and our spirit so well!

Class of 2001
Massimiliano Testoni, Retail Buying and Business Development Manager, Italy
Joined as a Data Entry Clerk for YOOX in 2001.

I’ve been at NET-A-PORTER for 13 years now, so sometimes it’s hard to remember what it was like to work somewhere else. Thankfully, every time someone asks me where I work and they reply, ‘Wow’; I’m reminded that what we do here actually isn’t that normal. From the product, to the logistics, to the people and the technology… NET-A-PORTER is not that normal at all. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s extraordinary and that’s what I love most about it. And if ever there was a moment to briefly pause and reflect on that concept, then it is now – our 20-year anniversary. I love that the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurialism that infused the very early days of NET-A-PORTER is still at the beating heart of what we do today. We might be much bigger in numbers, but our approach is still fresh and we’re still hungry for new ways of pushing the boundaries to delight customers. That collective energy is all down to our people. There is a direct line that runs from each of them to that ‘wow’ reaction I mentioned earlier. Looking ahead, it may be a cliché to say that fashion is the business of change, but it feels more relevant now than ever. The ability to adapt and innovate is what we do best; and why we continue to lead the way. And despite all the challenges we face I’ve never been more optimistic and excited about what our people can achieve, and the plans we have for the future. So, here’s to many more years of bringing our customers the finest service, the most inspiring content and of course, the most incredible fashion in the world. As we all know, joy comes in many forms; but one of them most definitely comes tied with a black and white ribbon, delivered to your doorstep.

Class of 2007
Alison Loehnis, President of NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER, UK

I will always remember one of our first posters that said “Fashion without victims”.

“Many years ago, my first year in, when I was working on the PR team for NET-A-PORTER and The OUTNET which was still very new, I had the privilege of working with the wardrobe team on the Sex And The City Movie 2. If you watch closely there’s a scene of Carrie sitting on her closet floor opening NET-A-PORTER packaging (which we had to have specifically made to showcase the logo better) and many of the clothes/shoes throughout her closet were edited and on loan from us!”

Class of 2009
Jaclyn Kaminski, Head of Studio Production, Fashion Division, US
Joined as PR Assistant for NET-A-PORTER and THE OUTNET in 2009

I have so many priceless memories from my long journey with this company, where do I begin… I became an eco-warrior in 2010, coordinating the creation and launch of an eco-bike for YOOXYGEN – all in eco-leather with a solar power headlamp. I became an editor, working with Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, Yoko Ono and many others to pick their favourite products on YOOX and to feature in interviews for our webzine The New Yooxer. I became a perfumer, collaborating with Anna Dello Russo to capture the scent of her grandma’s vanilla cake and bottle it in a Cinderella slipper to be hung on Christmas trees – the campaign sold out. I became a traveller – visiting China in 2013 to support in the induction of the Country Manager when only Armani, yoox.cn and TheCorner were active in the market and we really were pioneers there. I became a business developer – convincing Isabel Marant, Ferrari, The Row, Balmain and many other brands to bring their ecommerce onto our platform and to this day I support them to grow their business online. I became a friend – partying hard with all the incredibly special people I have always been surrounded by in this company. I’ve always taken the social aspects of our company very, very seriously, especially at the costume parties. I am as proud to be part of this group as the day I joined. It has taught me that I can be so many things at once and has always given me the platform to explore and find parts of myself that I didn’t know existed before. I also feel incredibly honoured and thankful to have had such great mentors, especially Federico Marchetti. Through our time working together, he taught me that if you believe you can achieve something there is no mission impossible.

Class of 2010
Francesca Tranquilli, President of Online Flagship Stores, Italy
Joined as Head of Special Projects for YOOX in 2010.

I joined on 5/3/2012 as Tech Contractor and signed permanent residency on 1/4/2012 (yes, it didn’t take me long to sign!)… I was present in the time of the merger with YOOX and NETAPORTER creating the Iconic YNAP, a moment listed permanently in the history of fashion. Joining as an analyst and progressing up to my current role as the YNAP Executive Support Manager in 8 Years of service, I am still learning and enjoying my journey in YNAP. One of my fondest memories is visiting our Italy offices and seeing the amazing logistics set-up across our Distribution Centres there, feeling proud to be part of an advanced digital fashion brand and company. The opening of our Dubai offices and expanding into Tokyo, Japan is another iconic time in my memories of YNAP. As the previous Service Desk Manager I remember supporting our new members across the globe 24/7. I was in Dubai on a family holiday in 2019 and remember visiting our offices to ensure our colleagues had the flawless support available 24/7. I couldn’t resist but test the tech in our meeting rooms to ensure the YNAP world is always connected and together at all times… I have shared a view from the conference room.

Class of 2012
Khalil Alibhai, Executive Support Manager, UK
Joined as a Tech Contractor in 2012.

So many fun memories over the years working with so many amazing people – one of the highlights has to be creating MR PORTER’s initiative and charity Health in Mind with Movember – included throwing the best fundraiser party (on a day that happened to be my birthday!)

Class of 2013
Sabah Naqushbandi, Global Marketing Director of MR PORTER, UK
Joined as Head of Marketing in 2013.

I can’t believe I’ve been at YNAP 5 years! It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve learned a ton. My favourite part has been the entrepreneurial culture and the people!

Class of 2015
Alexis Maule, Director of Business Transformation at NET-A-PORTER, UK
Joined as an MBA Intern in the Office of the CEO in 2015.

My most favourite milestone and memory within the Group, and in celebration of our 20th year as a business, has to be the launch of MR PORTER’s own private label, @MrP, in November 2017. The launch was the culmination of years of customer insight, MR PORTER brand confidence, and our opportunity to deliver a first-rate, impeccably made offering spectacular menswear essentials to our global audience. I’m proud to have led the team then, and continue to see Mr P. flourish as one of our top performing brands on site. Happy anniversary to @YNAP and to many more milestones, both for the Group and MR PORTER ahead.

Class of 2016
Fiona Firth, Managing Director of MR PORTER, UK
Joined as Buying Director in 2016.

It was 2012 when I first walked into the NET-A-PORTER London Westfield office. It was a wow moment! I had some great conversations and meetings with so many inspiring people, and left with a lot of ideas…I had such a fascination for what NET-A-PORTER had built, and made it my biggest dream to come back at some point: always thinking, how could I be part of this incredible journey, how could I help build an even greater future for this amazing brand? Eventually, I joined last Fall, with a mix of joy, admiration, desire. Our journey so far, together with incredible colleagues and friends, has been centred around understanding and learning from the past; observing the present and challenging the status quo wherever possible, being brave and courageous, testing and learning. And – more than anything else – trying to project us into the future. We are young, just 20 years young, and …. it’s all about the future! To all our colleagues and customers who brought us here, an immense thank you, and to all of us together, who will create the future, I am so excited to embrace it with you, with all the ‘dynamism, speed and curiosity’ that @federicomarchetti always drives us towards.

Class of 2019
Nicola Brandolese, Managing Director of NET-A-PORTER, UK