8 by YOOX Circular Embroidery: a capsule collection channelling care for planet and people

February 19, 2021

YOOX today launches its 8 by YOOX Circular Embroidery collection, a sustainable capsule which sees items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts upcycled with colourful motifs and positive messages. The capsule, a pilot project that embraces circularity principles, features colourful embroidery created and handsewn by luxury Italian artisanal house, Ricamificio Antonella: four different original designs, crafted with care for the environment.

8 by YOOX, the private label collection by the world’s leading online store for fashion, design and art YOOX, has been designed with sustainability at its heart since first introduced in 2018. This latest special capsule upcycles organic cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that were previously unsold, giving them a new life with embroidered motifs. The four designs reflect positive sentiments relating to subjects that 8 by YOOX customers hold dear, from care for the planet, to freedom of speech and the fundamental importance of respect for human dignity.

Supporting and leveraging local artisanal excellence, the embroideries have been designed and crafted by Ricamificio Antonella, an Italian house based in Modena which has 50 years of heritage creating beautiful handmade embroideries for maisons across the world. 8 by YOOX was founded on the principles of creating high quality sustainable basics, underpinned by a philosophy to always enable a long life for each product, minimise waste and maximise circular opportunities wherever possible. To support this approach, the label applies data and AI to its design process to ensure that products meet the needs of its customers. The label produces small batches of its collections to avoid overstock, prioritises timeless design and quality, and uses low impact materials that guarantee opportunity to renew any unsold garments through upcycling in the future.

With this project YOOX takes a decisive step towards the values shared in our Group’s sustainability strategy, Infinity: considering care for the environment and people, circularity, and attention to craftsmanship. It reflects our commitment to create, step by step, an ecosystem that corresponds to the needs of the planet we live on and those who inhabit it

Paolo Mascio, President of YOOX NET-A-PORTER Fashion Division.

8 by YOOX’s approach to incorporate circularity in its Circular Embroidery collection responds to YOOX NET -APORTER GROUP’s Design for Circular commitment within its 2030 sustainability strategy, Infinity. Through Design for Circular, the Group will accelerate circularity through collaboration with brand partners and ensure every one of its private label products is designed for circularity by 2025.

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